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Pool and Spa Repairs

Pool & Spa Equipment Repairs

All Island is a full-service swimming pool and spa company, offering an extensive range of swimming pool and spa cleaning, opening, closing, repair, installation and construction services.

Heater/Heat Pump Service

There’s nothing worse than having a cold pool during a big gathering! Our heater services will make sure that doesn’t happen! Heater service and/or replacement is a top priority, and will always be addressed immedietaly.

Automation Specialists

Automatic controls are a vital part for optimal pool/spa operations. All Island technicians are trained to install and service all automation systems available in the pool industry. From smart phone controls to basic timers, we’ve got you covered!

Salt Chlorine Generators 

Salt chlorine generators are one of the biggest items to hit our industry in decades. The water quality in a “salt” pool is much higher compared to standard chlorinated pools and has created a high demand among homeowners. We can upgrade or service any system, of any size.

Filtration Pumps

Filtration pumps are considered the heart of your pool or spa. Important elements of a pool cannot function correctly without the filter pump operating properly. Whether pump repairs or replacements are needed, our team will always keep your pool up and running.

Automatic Covers

Automatic retractable covers not only provide tremendous safety, but they also insulate the pool heat extremely well. This allows homeowners in the Northeast to extend their pool season up to 9 months!

Automatic Cleaners

Everybody loves a clean pool. There are several types of cleaner systems that can assist homeowners in keeping their pool looking crystal clear. Our team is qualified to install and service in-floor systems, suction, pressure and electric cleaners.

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Additional Services

  • Heater Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Pump Repair/Replacement
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Marble Dusting
  • Tile/Coping Repair/Replacement
  • Patios
  • Loop-Loc Safety Covers
  • Baby-Loc Fences
  • Slides
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  • Insurance Repairs
  • Leak Repair
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Underground Pipe Repair
  • Lights
  • Spas
  • Waterfall Construction
  • Chlorinators